About Different Varieties of Strawberry plants

Published: 01st April 2011
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Everybody loves to eat strawberry, and always put their heart overwhelmingly on this fruit. But most of the people are not aware of its growing and places to collect its seedlings. At gardening direct you can see wide arrays of strawberry plants with great value and reliability. This summer fruit is famous for its sweet taste, and can be grown easily in the garden, patios, and window box. But for that you need to collect all other aspects of these varieties of plants before you think of growing them. It is a must for any gardener to avail desire results. Some of the known varieties of strawberry plants are Strawberry Sonata, Strawberry Delia, Strawberry Korona, Strawberry Mount Everest, Strawberry Flamenco, Strawberry Cambridge Favourite, Strawberry Calypso, Strawberry Florence, Strawberry Albion, Strawberry Mara De Bois, Strawberry Honeoye, and many more.

Several sources are there who features about various aspects of Strawberry plants but none can do as gardening direct can do. Strawberry Sonata is one of the simplest growing plants in the early season of June-July months, and is one of the first and tastiest harvests of the season garden. This is widely known variety that produces high yield of bright red, glossy fruits of unique shape and size. They can very easily hail drought and long spells of rain. This variety needs full sun, and partial shade. For a gardener itís highly important to know other aspects of strawberry plants before gardening such as where to plant, harvesting time, and other essential elements. Similarly other varieties of strawberry plants do have the same requirements. The strawberry calypso is widely eatable fruit as offers firm, regular medium size glossy orange red fruit with great flavor throughout the season. The strawberry Delia offers succulent sweet tasting fruit in the month of June. This strawberry plant is highly used for jam making, and does not need too much maintenance while growing. If you purchase any of these varieties of plants from gardening direct then will not be a loser, as will get value and quality both. They are known online shop for updating all the traditional, modern, and contemporary strawberry plants that stands up to the expectations o f the gardeners, and also offers them great online saving.

Enjoy our wide selection of strawberry plants and have them delivered straight to your door. Gardening Direct stock strawberry plants ready for order. To get more information over website.

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